What is Employment and Support Allowance?

What is Employment and Support Allowance?

Employment and Support Allowance refers to benefits given to people who cannot work maybe because of their disability or illness. It’s divided into two types of employment and support allowance that is;

  • Contribution bases ESA.

Often acquired when someone pays a certain amount of National Insurance, this is indeed taxable. For a ESA contact number

  • Income related ESA.

This is acquired by people who have no income or whose income is quite low. It is not a requirement to have paid National Insurance to acquire this. It is also not taxable.

Employment and support allowance can only be claimed by the following type of people:

  • People who are under the State Pension age that is one hundred and fifteen dollars a week. But this depends on how much you had contributed towards your National Insurance. This age is of sixty five for men and sixty for women. However this age limit is increasing to sixty eight and sixty five respectively.
  • May also be claimed by people who have a disability or an illness that often has an effect on their capability for working.

Employment and Support Allowance is denied to people who are seeking claim to

  • A Jobseeker’s allowance.
  • Income support.
  • Statutory pay for the sick.
  • You may not also claim income- related to ESA when you are still claiming Universal Credit and/ or you have savings of more or up to sixteen thousand dollars.

ESAWhen seeking to claim Employment and Support Allowance, it is considered mandatory to have taken part in a medical assessment also called “a work capability assessment”. You are similarly required to have filled out a “limited capacity to work” questionnaire which focuses on the level to which that disability or illness affects your level of performance work wise. Once you have achieved all this, they tell you whether or not you are regarded robust enough to work or to acquire an ESA.

If they deem you fit to acquire the Employment and Support Allowance, you are automatically placed under the “support group” or a “work related activity group”. Those placed under the “work related group” are given very little money in which they are required to work in preparation for their eventual come back into the job industry. Should you fail to adhere to this, benefits may cut down for quite some time. Whereas, those of the support group, are set apart from a benefit known as the “benefit cap”.

The amount derived from the Income- related allowance is solely dependent on one’s income and savings; married or single; result of the assessment that had been carried out on you earlier and whether or not you got a corer’s benefit or the disability one. For the contribution based ESA, one gets a basic allowance of seventy three dollars and ten cents in the thirteen first weeks and consequently after assessment one is given;

  • One hundred and two dollars and fifteen cents/ one week for the work related activity group members
  • For the support group members they are given one hundred and nine dollars and thirty cents in every week.

It is therefore important to note that those in the work related group activity’ are given contributions for a whole year; however, those in the support group do not have a specific time limit. But should you have claims to certain benefits or are claiming private pensions, your contribution based ESA has the possibility of reduction.

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